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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Services
South Africa

YouTube is still the second biggest search engine in the world and a great option for companies wanting to find customers in a less competitive space (compared with Facebook and Google). One doesn’t need fancy equipment or a big budget to succeed at YouTube marketing. Most companies assume YouTube marketing means creating a fancy corporate video but YouTube marketing can and should be far more than that.

What do the videos need
to be about?

Just like in blog creation the goal is to make videos about
topics and key-phrases which:

Have search traffic behind them

There is no point in making videos about topics that your customers will never search for. Too many companies confuse video marketing with creating viral videos. We are not creating viral videos here (although virality would be nice), but rather videos which will engage your future customers at whatever stage they are in the buyers funnel.

Targeted to buyers with buying intent

Through video we plan to educate our prospects and to engender trust so that they will hopefully buy from us in the future. Every buyers funnel starts with the majority of people in the awareness phase where they require a lot of education and eventually they move down into the decision phase where they know what solution they want but they now need to choose a vendor. This is the point where we try to attract companies’ prospects.

How do you know
if it’s working?

We do monthly video blogs (vlogs) for our customers where
a successful outcome consists of the following results:


Minutes watched (which is a key YouTube ranking signal)

Actual leads resulting from videos watched

Assignment sales materials – Video for your sales team to use in their sales process

Being successful at video isn’t only about great video creation but also about being obsessed with measuring one’s progress to ensure one is on the right track and to know when to switch course.

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The truth is that not everyone loves being on camera or has the time to create monthly videos. For this reason we create all your monthly videos (filming, production and optimizing) and you can hold us accountable to all the above metrics. We typically do 3 videos per month depending on how competitive your industry is.

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