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TikTok Marketing

TikTok is where Instagram and Facebook were 10 years ago

TikTok marketing in South Africa is in it’s infancy but with TikTok being the most visited website/app in 2021 (surpassing Google), it is time to take notice! TikTok marketing involves different tactics, like influencer marketing, TikTok advertising and creating organic viral content.



Greenfields at the moment. Very few brands are doing it and even fewer brands are doing it well.

TikTok is where Insta and Facebook marketing were 10 years ago, so relatively ripe for the taking.

Good organic content brings results so not necessary to spend thousands on media spend.

Because only the best content wins, brands that are only able to throw money at the problem without great creativity, cannot compete.

Best medium to reach Gen Z.



No shortcuts! Requires great content to make an impact.

Requires great video content.

TikTok is ideal for Gen Z but not great for reaching a more mature market.

Great for brand awareness and brand building but difficult to translate into eCommerce sales.

What We Believe

TikTok is not for everyone. There are brands killing it on TikTok but those brands are mostly trying to reach a younger audience. If your target market is under 35 then there are not many better platforms than TikTok to speak to them on. As with all media, companies that get in early are usually very well rewarded down the line!

Start reaping the rewards of TikTok marketing without spending money while it takes time to work.

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