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What Do We Charge?

Finding pricing online for digital services is near impossible! Pretty much all digital agencies will say they can’t disclose their prices online because:

  1. Digital marketing pricing is always bespoke
  2. There are too many complexities involved

But the truth is, digital agencies don’t like to show pricing because:

  1. They are scared their competitors will see their pricing
  2. They would rather you call in to find out their pricing so they can try to convince you that they are worth it.

Yes, digital marketing prices depend on a number of factors but we’d rather try and address those factors than just say it depends.

Digital Marketing Costs:

There are two costs that a company incurs when running a digital marketing campaign with us:
  1. Our service fee – more about this below
  2. Media spend – The amount that goes directly to the digital channels (Google, FB and LinkedIn)

digital marketing is not an expense.
It should be a cost of sales.
Digital marketing MUST pay for itself

Our Service Fee:
Our service fee is charged monthly and depends on the complexity of the product or service which we are marketing and the number of services which we are offering.
Our services are priced as follows:
  • Paid Media – R12,000 – R18,000 p/m (Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn)
  • SEO – R12,000 – R17,000 p/m
  • Conversion Optimization – R12,500 – R18,000 p/m
This covers:
  1. Us Building the content (Artwork)
  2. Us building the audiences
  3. Most importantly, us bringing you sales!
  • There are NO setup fees
  • There is NO minimum spend required
  • We do not charge a percentage of Ad Spend
Media Spend:
This doesn’t come to us but it is a cost which still exists for you. Our approach is usually to start with as low a spend as possible to start and only once we have proved it to be successful do we only then suggest scaling.
If you want to work with a digital company who loves digital as well as business

we would love to chat!