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B2B Lead Generation

Lead Generation specifically for
B2B companies.

Lead generation for B2C type businesses is distinctively different compared to B2B Lead Gen. One needs to be cognisant of company roles, key decision makers and influencers and sales cycles.  Any lead generation campaign needs also to take the sales aspect into it and measure the effectiveness of each medium based on what mediums and leads are converting into sales and not just leads. For this reason we setup all our customers on a tracking sales CRM which encompassess and reports on the entire process from the point when the lead first comes in contact with the business to the point when the lead actual transacts. Our process then is one of analysing, optimising and experimenting.

Mediums We Use for Lead Generation

Each campaign is slightly different and has their only nuances. In general we use a multi-faceted approach which involves testing a number of mediums for the first months and once the numbers come back, each one is analyses independently and a decision is made to remove it or ramp it up. Because most mediums are linearly scalable it makes sense to always start with a low budget and only once that medium has proven to work then ramp the spend up.

Some Companies that we do Lead Generation for

Below are a list of some of the companies that we do lead generation for. Some use a multichannel approach (Linkedin, Google, Facebook, Youtube, Etc) whereas some use only one medium.

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