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Facebook Marketing

Drive leads to your business today

Facebook marketing in South Africa is still relatively uncommon which means the cost to advertise on Facebook at the moment is fairly low and usually provides great bang for ones buck. In the past companies were focused on generating fans and Facebook Likes but today Facebook enables companies to actually generate leads for a great price.



Able to reach a massive audience even if they aren’t looking for the product or service that you sell (which is the biggest problem of search marketing)

Very cheap to generate leads at the moment in South Africa

Can start slowly and scale if your return on investment is good

Facebook likes and brand awareness are a natural by-product of generating leads on Facebook

Very easy to measures one’s results

Leads can be very quickly generated unlike search engine optimisation (SEO) which is more a long term game



Sometimes difficult to get results in niche B2B industries

Facebook leads are often not as qualified as leads from search marketing (Google PPC and SEO)

Doesn’t work well with industries where the target market is relatively small (selling products only to government)

What We Believe

We believe that if you are not getting a positive ROI in Facebook quickly then either the product is a bad fit or we are doing something wrong. The nice thing about Facebook marketing is that you can see results (good or bad) quickly which is why we always suggest starting with only a one month trial.

Start reaping the rewards with Facebook Advertising

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