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Conversion Optimisation

The cheapest way to get more leads

Conversion Optimisation is one of the most popular and effective fields in digital marketing which involves changing, adding or removing elements on ones website to increase either form completions, increase the number of leads or increase the number of sales from the visiting website traffic.

Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of web visitors convert into leads (usually between 3-6%) and even a smaller number eventually will buy something from your company. The good news is that because of this dynamic, making small changes to you website or landing pages can drastically improve your number of leads overnight.

Conversion Optimisation Methods & Options

Anyone that has looked into conversion optimisation will have come across stories of changing button colours having major impacts but the truth is that small inconsequential changes like image adjustment and colour variations seldom make a difference on low to medium traffic website (websites with fewer than 1000 visitors per day)

There is however a huge opportunity still for lower traffic websites by changing real elements which move the needle. Typically every company can benefit almost overnight but making the following changes:

Having a clearly visible contact form on every page where the goal is a conversion

Creating squeeze pages with limited navigation, thereby forcing the web visitor to take the desired action or lead the page

Experimenting with different call to actions to attract different customers depending on their stage in the buyers funnel

Adding video to each page

Adding some form of social proof like customer testimonials or case studies

Getting Started

If you are paying for any form of traffic (through Adwords, Facebook, YouTube etc) then you possibly should be experimenting with conversion optimization. You can either create a number of A/B test experiments yourself or you can use an agency to do it and then measure their results. Conversion Optimization is one of the most popular services we offer because of the relatively low cost involved coupled with the large potential ongoing value it can create for our customers.

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