Our History

Jan Truter commenced practicing as an attorney for his own account on 2 January 1958 in Westonaria. In 1962 the Late Johan Crous and the Late Gerhard Wiggill formed a partnership and commenced practicing for their own account in Westonaria. A few months later they amalgamated with the firm of Jan Truter, the partnership was named, Truter Crous & Wiggill. During 1970 the firm Truter Crous & Wiggill, Randfontein, was established as a branch of the Westonaria firm.

On 15 May 1987 the Town Council of Westonaria awarded a scroll to the firm in appreciation of almost 30 years of meritorious service to the council and community of Westonaria. Two of the former partners namely Gerhard Wiggill and Sam Vos had already passed away. Two of the founding partners namely Jan Truter and Johan Crous, were still consultants to the company. After Mr Johan Crous’ unfortunate passing in January 2007 he was succeeded by Jolandie Pieterse who now serves on the board of Directors with Danie De Beer, Willie van der Walt and Sieg Kruger of the Western Area branch.

Our Team of Attorneys

Danie De Beer


Danie obtained his B. Proc degree at the Potchefstroom University in 1980. He commenced his articles at the firm of Jan van Deventer & Van Niekerk, whereafter he joined Truter Crous & Wiggill on 1 March 1982. On 12 June 1982, he was admitted as an attorney and practiced as a Professional Assistant until 1 March 1986 whereafter he was appointed as a partner in the firm. Danie also acted as a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court since 1994.

Willie van der Walt


Willie studied at PU for CHE where he obtained his B.Proc degree in 1988. On 16 April 1991 he was admitted as an attorney of the High Court of South Africa after completion of his articles at a firm of attorneys in Pietersburg. After his articles he practiced as a Professional Assistant in Rustenburg where he was also a partner at the firm Wessels & Le Roux attorneys. During 1994 he joined Truter Crous & Wiggill where he was appointed as a partner to the firm on 1 March 1996. During 1991 Willie was admitted as an attorney of the High court of the previous Bophuthatswana.

Willie practices at the Randfontein office and does High Court and Magistrate Court litigation, criminal litigation, appearances in various forums as investigations by the Mine Commissioner and Department of Labour, CCMA matters and disciplinary hearings (he inter alia acted as prosecutor in disciplinary hearings of the Randfontein Local Council). He also does Family Law matters, commercial work, labour law matters, insolvency- and liquidation applications and third party claims and other delictual claims.

Sieg Kruger

B.Luris, B.Proc

Sieg obtained his B.Luris degree in 1981 followed by the B.Proc degree in 1986 at RAU. He started his articles in January 1984 with Truter Crous & Wiggill & Vos and was admitted as an attorney in May 1987. He practiced as a Professional assistant until March 1991 when he was appointed as a partner.

Sieg practices from the Westonaria office and does High Court and Magistrate Court Litigation, criminal litigation, debt collecting, third party insurance claims, Family law matters commercial Law matters, and fatal inquiries in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act.

Jolandie Pieterse


Jolandie obtained her LL.B degree at the University of Pretoria in 2001. She was admitted as an attorney in September 2003 and as a conveyancer in January 2006. Jolandie joined the firm in July 2006 and was offered Directorship in March 2009. She is a Conveyancer and Notary who specializes in property law. She is responsible for the convyancing and client liaison in relation to the property and conveyancing department. She has vast experience in township establishment, opening of sectional title registers, subdivisions and consolidations.

She is also a specialist in Estate Law and attends to the reporting of estates to the Master of the High Court and the transfers of decease estate properties.